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  Halom-8 — Another Family Retreat for 170 Participants
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Обзор бесед Любавического Ребе, разъясняющих основные идеи праздника Суккос.
За долгий период еврейской истории зарождалось множество мифов, заблуждений, оговоров — как в нееврейской среде, так и среди евреев.
При помощи «древней» тиары скифского царя, которую изготовил Лазарь Рухомовский, одесскому мошеннику удалось надуть Лувр.

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January 2004

The annual Migdal's Winter Playground-2004 devoted to the partnership relations with Baltimore Jewish community was entitled “Odessa-Baltimore”. January 25th marked the official opening of Beitenu center.

January 4-10 (50 kids). The annual Migdal's Winter Playground-2004 devoted to the partnership relations with Baltimore Jewish community was entitled “Odessa-Baltimore”. Numerous activities and classes — Baltimore, Jewish Odessa, literature, computer, etc. — were designed in an invigorating form.

Beitenu Opening in Odessa

January 25th marked the official opening of Beitenu center run jointly by Migdal JCC and Gmilus Hesed of Odessa. The project is targeted at the most needy children of 2-18 years old, providing for their physical, social and emotional needs and using a holistic, family-wide approach engaging both the children and their families in various activities that include a significant Jewish component (classes in Jewish subjects, Shabbat, etc.).

Prior to the opening, a lot of effort was undertaken by the organizations to identify the prospective participants of the program, to assess their needs and make them interested in coming to the center five times a week: after school on weekdays and during the mornings and afternoons on Sunday. Help in doing home work in different school subjects, tutoring, psychological sessions, computing, wood and metal work for boys, sewing, embroidery and knitting for girls — these are just a few activities that, besides introduction to Jewish history and tradition, will be run on a regular basis for some 35 children of 6-15 years old.

The program is housed in a specially rented, spacious facility of some 160 square meters, which has a multi-purpose room, library, game and activity room, relaxation and rehabilitation center, fitness room, bathroom with washing machine. The library has been compiled and possesses of an array of books on Jewish tradition and history, periodicals and training manuals.

In addition to the social and psychological rehabilitation in Beitenu premises, the children and their families will also be encouraged to take part in other numerous programs offered in the community (some of the children have already taken part in winter children's playground on January 4-10).

While it is too early to estimate the effectiveness of the new initiative supported by the JDC and give prognosis for its development, such words of some grandparents participating in Beitenu together with their grandchildren as “new life has begun here not only for the children but for us too”, sound quite encouraging.

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Главная > Events > January 2004
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