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Авокадовые деревья росли себе спокойно в джунглях Южной Америки и Индии. И так продолжалось до 1924 года, когда в Израиль прибыл профессор Оппенгеймер.
Cказали мудрецы: «Кто не видел «Радости черпания воды», тот ни разу в жизни не испытал истинную радость!»
Праздник Суккос называется в молитвеннике «время нашей радости». Но как человек может приказать своему сердцу радоваться в назначенный день?

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February 2004

Migdal JCC was celebrating the 12th anniversary of its work. 4th youth conference “World of Information” was coordinated by Migdal JCC. Almost all the participants of the newly opened Beitenu program celebrated Tu-bi-Shvat for the first time in their lives.

Migdal JCC was celebrating the 12th anniversary of its work on February 1. More than 500 invitees — leaders of Odessa and regional Jewish organizations, participants of renewal and welfare programs, active members of the Jewish community — gathered for the event that included performances by vocal and dance groups, choirs, students' and family clubs, theatre group, kids from “Mazl Tov” and their parents. Within the 12 years of its work, the JCC has enlarged the scope of its activities, which now cannot be housed in one facility — there are four premises where Migdal's programs are being implemented: Migdal JCC itself, Mazl Tov, Shorashim Museum and newly established Beitenu program. Additionally, the number of the programs' participants is constantly growing: only Migdal is regularly visited by 500 families now.

Youth Conference

Youth conference “World of Information” was coordinated by Migdal JCC during February 6-8. 36 people from 8 regional cities took part at the conference.

This Youth Conference has been fourth in a row and, as noted by a group of young researchers from Kerch, “the yearly youth conferences in Odessa held by Migdal are becoming more interesting and prestigious. Sometimes certified educational establishments like colleges and universities we are students of cannot boast of the creative atmosphere and engaging speakers that are present at Odessa conferences”.

Being a scientific event, the Conference was also aimed at stimulating the interest of the young Jewish people in further historic studies and giving them more inspiration for work. There were 4 major sub-themes covered at the lectures and reports: “Ways of Information Transfer”, “Control over Information”, “Jewish Informational Environment”, “Objective Character of Information”.

To give more practical advice as to how to deal with information and present it, there were hands-on classes on advertising, radio-news (held by professional radio editor and reporter), and several psychological trainings.


Almost all the participants of the newly opened Beitenu program celebrated Tu-bi-Shvat for the first time in their lives. The children came to know about the holiday's main features and how it should be kept. A remarkable thing for the kids was the “hands-on class”, during which children partook of the seven Israel's fruits.

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Главная > Events > February 2004
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