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Авокадовые деревья росли себе спокойно в джунглях Южной Америки и Индии. И так продолжалось до 1924 года, когда в Израиль прибыл профессор Оппенгеймер.
Судьба Владислава Шпильмана стала известна миллионам после фильма Романа Поланского «Пианист». О капитане вермахта Вильме Хозенфельде, спасшем Шпильмана, в фильме лишь короткая строка.
В «подводном слое» протекает разнообразнейшая общественная и культурная жизнь, малоизвестная порой не только ивритоговорящей публике, но и «непосвященным» русскоязычным репатриантам.

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June 2004

On June 1-3 Migdal JCC held the tenth, jubilee seminar «Ad Or Aboker». Keeping the tradition to hold the cycle of seminars with several directions, the priority was given to the library and museum programs, and mass media. This year the seminar has considerably broadened the map of the regional seminar: 35 participants came from 13 cities of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia and Israel. The high level of Odessa professionals' mastery reinforced with theoretic and hands-on classes enriched and encouraged participants for their further work for Jewish organizations.

June 1. The local festival «Odessa Stars — 2004» with participation of the local children's and youth groups was devoted to the national Children's Day. -Migdal JCC- being active in the local event presented its three groups. One of them — Mazel Tov toddlers and young children who occurred to be the smallest creative group in the city — performed on the big stage for the first time and received the diploma of the Laureate in the nomination «choreography».

June 20. The end of the school year concert of all Migdal groups took place on June 20. Separate premises were specially rented for that occasion as the audience included more than 200 spectators who had joined the event to watch the mastership of some 90 children, teenagers and students — participants of 11 dance, vocal, music and theatre groups functioning in the Center on a regular basis.

The singers, dancers and players displayed what they had achieved during a year and definitely deserved the applause and support of the audience.

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Главная > Events > June 2004
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